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FDM Training overview


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FDM Brochure 2018




Fascial distortion model training consists of three levels, each of which end with an examination and certification.

Level 1: FDM-Practitioner
Level 2: Certified FDM-Practitioner
Level 3: Advanced FDM-Practitioner

Doctors, physiotherapists, homeopathic practitioners, as well masseurs, ergotherapists with knowledge of MT are allowed to participate in the training.

All the courses listed here are organised according to the IFDMO curriculum and are entitled to be entered in the international list of therapists.


Level 1 – in 5 courses to FDM-Practitioner

COURSE I:    Treating the upper extremities (UEX)
COURSE II:   Treating the lower extremities (LEX)
COURSE III:   Treating the spinal column (SC)
COURSE IVTypaldos Cranio- and video course
COURSE V:   Refresher- and examination course

Training to become an IFDMO practitioner consists of 5 seminar modules, each with 26 learning units. The courses are all similarly structured in IFDMO locations so it isn’t a problem to change the location of the course. To be able to take part in Course III (SC), it is necessary that students have already participated in Course 1 (UEX) or Course II (LEX) and with it an entry into the second level is also possible. Participants can also bring their own patients if required. This should be cleared up beforehand with the organiser.

The examination can be taken after courses 1-3, in the refresher course or in an instructors practice. Course 4 isn’t a prerequisite for the examination but is still necessary to complete Level 1.

A prerequisite for the examination and the conclusion of Level 1 is the production of a short case documentation. For this, the patient will be filmed before and after the FDM treatment and the anamnesis and treatment steps (period 2-3 treatments) will be documented in writing. The work must be presented in electronic form.

Course locations: Bad Biernbach,Bayreuth, Berlin, Bergkamen, Bonn, Breslau, Bromberg, Danzig, Düsseldorf, Eiterfeld, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Holland, Kattowitz, Krakau, Köln, Landsberg, Lübeck, Mainz, Mallorca, München, Nürnberg, Posen, Pforzheim, Rom, Salzburg, Stuttgart, Schweden, Schweiz, Trier, Warschau, Wien und Wolfenbüttel.

Price: approx. 375 euros per course

Examination fee: During the refresher course: 75 euros. After consultation, the examination can taken at an instructors practice. Price: 150 euros

Intensive course: It is possible for you to do courses 1-3 within a 6 day intensive course: Price 988 euros.



IFDMO is the only “Typaldos certified” training course in Germany. After successfully passing the examination you will receive a FDM practioner certificate and are the entitled to be entered in the international list of therapists. You can information about our training on our homepage. Treatment using the Fascial Distortion Model is not very widespread in Germany. Benefit from the advantages of these quickly learned methods and enlarge your treatment spectrum.
Even within the first weekend you will be amazed at your new treatment successes! FDM will change the life of yourself and your patients.

After completing Courses 1-3 you have the possibility to be entered into the IFDMO list of therapists with a basic entry. If you wish, when you have successfully completed the Level 1 IFDMO examination and certification you can book your VIP business card where you can present your FDM practice.



Here you can download the (german) information brochure and the (english) flyer:

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