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Level 2 – Certified FDM-Practitioner


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IFDMO / Typaldos courses in Germany

IFDMO / Typaldos courses in Portugal

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IFDMO / Typaldos courses in Hungary




Orthopedic and Sports Injuries

Deployment of FDM for top-class sports
Orthopaedic ailments and sports injuries from a FDM viewpoint, fascial specific training.

Price: 350 euros
(399 euros for therapists of other institutions)


FDM Neuro course

FDM Neuro is a second level course concerning the treatment of patients (children and adults) with a pathology of muscle tone caused by neurological disorders. FDM Neuro provides knowledge, practical skills and techniques applicable in the treatment process of the patients with following problems: toe walking, complex foot deformities, sensory integration dysfunction, proprioceptive dysfunction, spasticity and many more.

Price: 499 Euro


Children’s course

Examination and treatment of infants and children according to the FDM-concept.
Treatment of cranial disorders for infants, using FDM. Learning FDM-diagnostics without pain gestures from the patient, the most common none FDM-problems with infants.

Price: 350 euros
(399 euros for therapists of other institutions)


Fascia course

Latest fascial findings and their practical implementation for the myofascial work with the extremities, together with the most important highlights, replays of the best presentations of the three previous international fascial research congresses, practical myofascial bodywork with the legs, hip joints, shoulder girdle and arms.

Price: 399 euros


Anatomy course

To get a better understanding of the world of fascia, we would like to offer our practioners a general fascia anatomy course. This doesn’t have to take place at the IFDMO institute but should be no less than 20 hours course time.


FDM taping course

After FDM treatment it can be very useful to work with Kinesio tapes to assist regeneration. In the course special attention will be made to the tape systems with regards to FDM. Previous knowledge of taping isn’t necessary.

Price: 350 euros
(399 euros for therapists of other institutions)


Thesis work

The thesis work should be related to FDM and contain between 5,000 to 10,000 words. The following themes for the final examination work are possible:

- case studies (single case study, case report, histories and examples)
- systematic literature work
- diagnostic study
- clinical pilot study
- elaboration of basic principles
- literature works with historical background etc.

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