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Stephen Typaldos D.O.

Stephen Typaldos D.O. – – the founder of FDM – was employed as a doctor/osteotherapist.

Typaldos recognised that his patients always described their complaints with specific descriptions and gestures. With this in mind, he developed a unique diagnostic concept in which body language and description play a major role. This specific diagnosis then leads to a harmonised therapy.


This new diagnostic and therapy concept is far more promising than traditional methods of therapy. It is suspected that pain and malfunctions of the body are caused by various connective tissue (fascia distortion).
This has led to a number of treatment approaches for various illnesses.

Das führt zu einer Fülle neuer Behandlungsansätze unterschiedlicher Erkrankungen.

FDM over the years

09/1991 Stephen Typaldos discovers the first triggerpoint, soon after he also discovers the first herniated triggerpoint
03/1992 Stephen Typaldos discovers the continuum distortion
1993 Stephen Typaldos discovers the folding distortions
1994 + 1995 First publication in the AAO Journal
1995 Stephen Typaldos discovers the cylinder distortions and tectonic fixations
1996 Stephen Typaldos publishes his first book: The Unification of Orthopedics with Osteopathy through the Fascial Distortion Model
1997 First FDM seminars in Europe
1998 First FDM seminars in Japan
  Second edition of the FDM book is published
1999 Third edition of the FDM book is published
2001 First FDM symposium
2002 Forth and last edition is published
2005 Second FDM symposium
2006 Stephen Typaldos dies on the 28th of March, he was 49 years old
2009 IFO starts FDM courses for physiotherapists
2011 Forth edition of Typaldos book is published exclusively by IFO
2011 Third FDM symposium, "20 Jahre Triggerband"
2011 First practical training book about FDM is published by Frank Römer
2011 First video course in Germany produced by IFO
2012 The International FDM Organization is founded
2012 TMT Certified PractitionerTM Network startet
2013 Start of FDM training in Poland

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